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About Our Technology

Camera Systems

With rugged cameras, the latest security technology, and a quick installation, our cameras are designed for any application. Discover the best in camera tech, compatible with over 5,000 cameras.

Mesh Public WiFi

Bring better WiFi to your business world with our mesh public WiFi system. You'll never have better WiFi for your customers. High speeds and optimal performance are just around the corner!

Phone Systems

When phone calls become an everyday part of life, it's important to make sure that your system is functional, reliable, and easy to use. DRS is here to deliver a complete, effortless phone system.

Fiber Technology

It's hard to explain fiber without getting too technical. Instead of copper wiring, fiber optic internet runs your data by using light particles and glass. It sounds pretty futuristic, but it's real. This innovative, exciting technology is what makes fiber so fast, reliable, and great for commercial and residential use.

Fiber is amazingly fast. While cable can struggle with speeds of 300 Mbps (at astounding costs), fiber can let you and your home or business reach speeds of 500 to 1000 Mbps easily. And you'll always have top speed and performance, no matter how many people are on your network. It's just that good.

Whether you're looking at upgrading your network for commercial or residential use, DRS Fiber has the right team to start the job. With outside plant construction and structured cabling solutions, there's no hotel, home, business, or school that can't benefit from working with us.

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