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College Campuses & Dorms

Our Services

Are you tired of your students complaining about the phones or WiFi in the dorms? Now more than ever before, the set-up of the local network is the determining factor in where students choose to live. We are bringing lightning fast fiber optic infrastructure to dorms and campuses. And the best part? We’ve got even more services than that. Check out what we have to offer.

Public WiFi

Give your guests effortless, top speeds with WiFi supported with fiber optic technology. Our custom designed WiFi deployments fit all applications and sizes.

Phone Systems

Business and hospitality need reliable, dedicated phone systems that give you high call quality and low rates without the hassle. Try our phone systems for a great experience.

Camera Systems

With rugged cameras, the latest security technology, and a quick installation, our camera systems are designed for all environments and applications.

Structured Cabling

Get a professional, structured cabling solution specially designed for your needs. Our team can design and install both commercial and residential cabling systems for new construction or renovations.

Outside Plant (OSP) Construction

Put your outside plant infrastructure in professional hands with DRS Fiber. We specialize in both copper and fiber, and we're here to make sure that the design, permitting, and construction is done professionally.

What Makes Us different

Our Technology

DRS Fiber is proud to offer our customers the cutting edge of technology, for prices that compete with current standards. Need to update your surveillance camera systems? Want to offer campus wide WiFi wherever your students and staff are on property? DRS Fiber can do all of that and so much more. Learn more by visiting our technology page.

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