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Learn About Our Mesh Public WiFi

DRS Fiber - Mesh Public WiFi

Discover the better way to bring WiFi to your public spaces.

Seamless Wireless Internet —
Better, Faster, Easier WiFi

Bringing better WiFi to public spaces is easier than ever before. With DRS Fiber's mesh public WiFi, set up is simple, management is a breeze, and customer use is smooth and seamless. Our mesh public WiFi is great for wide, open areas like malls or small spaces like cafes. Support more devices in larger areas today with the best in public WiFi.

Connecting your customers, guests, and visitors has never been so simple. Trust us, they'll love it.

  • Suitable for all different sizes of venues
  • Great for both outdoor and indoor locations
  • Reliable, fast, and easy to manage

Discover WiFi Like
You've Never Seen Before

Find out how our mesh public WiFi will change the game for you.

WiFi for Plazas

Open spaces like plazas and parks need robust, reliable technology to make the public WiFi work seamlessly through out the area. DRS Fiber has the perfect WiFi for these large public spaces.

WiFi for Malls & Shopping Centers

People love free WiFi when they're shopping, having lunch in the food court, or studying in the bookstore. Bring your shoppers the best with high speeds and strong signals.

WiFi for Hotels

Hotels are large and are busy day and night. A robust WiFi network can keep guests happy and browsing as quickly as they would at home. Give your hotel the best with our mesh public WiFi.

WiFi for Schools

Whether you're bringing amazing public WiFi to your university or your high school, your students and teachers will love getting connected with DRS Fiber's public WiFi system.

Public WiFi
The Easy Way

Mesh public WiFi should be two things: easy for you and perfect for your customer. Whether you're a mall, a plaza, a park, or a hotel, you can give your shoppers and guests the high-speeds they deserve.

Get your space connected with DRS Fiber's mesh public WiFi.

Wide-Area Coverage

No matter how big a space your WiFi is covering, our systems can handle it without hurting your speed or connection. We'll accommodate your size, no matter how big or small!

High-Speed Capabilities

Do you want the fastest connection in town? Our mesh public WiFi can support speeds of over 1000 Mbps. Give high-speeds to all the devices that connect, not just some of them!

Robust System for Inside and Outside

People don't just want WiFi inside. We know there are plenty of plazas and outdoor centers that need a robust system to handle the weather, rain or shine. Our systems are perfect for both.

Easy to Install & Easier to Use

We install the WiFi for you, it's as simple as that. And the back end is just as simple, easy, and organized. Change passwords, monitor settings, and more with UniFi's online interface.

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